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Workshop and registered office

APS Woodwork Ltd.
Wessington Yard
Wessington Avenue
Calne, Wiltshire  SN11 0AW

Trading hours

Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 16:30
out of hours by appointment only
Saturday: By phone, text or email
Sunday: closed

Business details

VAT number: 171 9659 71
Company Number: 8577012

Terms of Trading

Notes  -  Please read carefully

1. The deposit of bespoke production is a commitment to pay for any commissioned work in full, without exception.
2. Any installation quoted will be "dry fit" only, meaning the fitting solely of the cabinetry and handles (if available when fitting). The price does not include the fitting and connection of the appliances as these need to be connected and tested by relevant qualified installers.
3. Wood is a natural material and as such is prone to unavoidable variation in colour, grain pattern and movement. All efforts are made to avoid any movement, but “snagging” is sometimes necessary after a period of settlement. APS woodwork Ltd. cannot accept any liability for problems caused due to conditions beyond their control (i.e. building settlement, damp site conditions, etc.).
4. 1. Primed furniture has a sprayed near-white coating that has to be overpainted within 3 months. There usually will be some hand-brushed primed areas when fitted, that will not match the sprayed areas exactly. Ask for clarification if necessary.
5. If a delivery date is agreed, please be able to take delivery to avoid storage costs.

Payment terms

1. A payment of 30% is required as a deposit upon and is confirmation of order.
2. A further stage payment up to 60% (inclusive of deposit) may be requested during manufacture onlarger orders.
3. A cleared stage payment to 90% (inclusive of deposit) is required upon delivery.
4. A final balancing payment is due upon completion of original order (on delivery if supply only) or within7 days if supplied and installed.
5. Payment for any extra work will be advised on request and due upon completion.
6. The price excludes delivery, installation (see notes below), worktops, appliances and any non-standarddoor furniture unless specified and quoted.

Acceptance terms (Required upon order).

• A deposit as invoiced.
• A signed and dated copy of this Terms of Trading agreement.
• A signed and dated copy of your Quotation.
• A signed and dated copy of your plan, highlighting any amendments.

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